MenuBar control in Flex

February 22, 2012

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MenuBar control is a horizontal bar of menu items which opens submenu. The submenu will be open until the user selects on other menu item, selects a submenu item,  or clicks outside the menubar area.

Here in this example I provide data for MenuBar control using  <mx:XMLList> tag.

Flex menubar code:-

<mx:MenuBar id=”myMenuBar” labelField=”@label” width=”950″ color=”#060606″ height=”30″
     itemClick=”itemClickHandler(event)” borderColor=”#1D48E8″ horizontalCenter=”0″ themeColor=”#FFFFFF”>
            <menuitem label=”first”>
                <menuitem label=”first1″   />
                <menuitem type=”separator” />
                <menuitem label=”first2″/>
                 <menuitem type=”separator” />
                <menuitem label=”first3″/>
                 <menuitem type=”separator” />
                <menuitem label=”first4″/>
            <menuitem label=”second”>
                <menuitem label=”second1″ />
                <menuitem type=”separator”/>
                <menuitem label=”second2″/>
                <menuitem type=”separator”/>
                <menuitem label=”second3″/>
                <menuitem type=”separator”/>
                <menuitem label=”second4″/>
            <menuitem label=”third”>
                <menuitem label=”third1″ />
                <menuitem type=”separator”/>
                <menuitem label=”third2″/>
                <menuitem type=”separator”/>
                <menuitem label=”third3″/>
                <menuitem type=”separator”/>
                <menuitem label=”third4″/>

Import the MenuEvent in the event class and Alert control from controls.

import mx.controls.Alert;

We can get the Index of the selected MenuBar item using myMenuBar.selectedIndex.toString() where myMenuBar is the id of the MenuBar.and Index of the selected submenu by event.index.toString() .

import mx.controls.Alert;

private function itemClickHandler(event:MenuEvent) : void
{“selected index: ” + myMenuBar.selectedIndex.toString() +
child index: ” + event.index.toString());


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