Listing some of the projects in flash, flex. B2B, eLearning projects are not listed here

Mp3 Player in flash cs3.

Mp3 player in flash cs3

Mp3 player in flash cs3

A fully flash cs3 mp3 player which plays songs from an external xml file, which can be edited and customised. The xml file is loaded to flash cs3 from where flash recieves the required data. Mp3 songs to be played are stored in the same directory which will be called when flash starts. Functionalities include playing previous song ,  next song,  pause a song , stop a song as per the user wish. You can add any song by editing the xml file.  The song being played, the name of the singer and the Album will be displayed on the Mp3 screen. The total time of the song and current status can also be viewed on the screen.




Carousel is a moving set of images. Carousels movement speed and direction depends on the position of mouse. The image name will be displayed on mouse over for an image. And onClick of image gives a full description about the image. Carousel uses an external xml file to load data. The images are loaded from outside to reduce the size of the file.

Discussion Forum.

Discussion Forum in cs3

Discussion Forum in cs3

Discussion Forum allows you to discuss any topic. We can post a new topic , send replies to topics. Discussion Forum uses Flash cs3, PHP and MySql for accomplishing this task. Flash communicates with PHP which inturn communicate with mysql database for retrieving datas from database.


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