Web Design and Development professional team located in Bangalore, the IT capital of India with the largest concentration of IT professionals in the world outside the Bay Area in California.

Who are we:-
We are a group of professional freelancers, we are small, yet powerful! Our team is highly skilled in Web development, Mobile application development. Our members are from Major IT product and services companies; have that edge which comes which comes with years of experience, and innovative approach, enabling us to to achieve stunning web and mobile applications.

What We Do:-
We are into web and mobile development with high quality of innovation and skill. We create applications that not only fulfill the purpose but wow and impress the user/visitor. Our basic idea is in redefining the way people interact with web and mobile through introduction of highly advanced, yet affordable, customized solutions. We provide professional services in web development, mobile app development, and always push the envelope for a fresh new look. We recognize that every client is unique that is why we provide the highest level of creativity and client service. We’ll take the time to know the details of your business to ensure that we exceed your expectations. Direct principle and project manager involvement is possible throughout all phases of the project to ensure the highest quality. You have our commitment not only to quality but to the highest level of customer service. The bottom line, We build innovative and scalable strategies that harness the power of the web for your business and offer to you extremely profitable & cooperative conditions through strong resources and highly qualified & experienced manpower.

Our Services Overview:-

Custom Web design and development:
We possesses the expertise required to chart a course to success on the web. We can help define the opportunity or problem, and then design, or redesign, implement and support a dynamic, engaging and powerful solution. Whether the task at hand is to launch a fresh new online brand, intranet, community portal or engaging piece of online marketing, we have the team, methodology and technology required. Our skilled team integrates expertise in three distinct disciplines of strategy, design and technology.

Custom Flex and Flash design:
We has extensive experience in Flex, Flash programming, with Adobe Certified staff in Flash Flex. We have done projects for corporate and educational institutions. From simple slide show to complex eCommerce  applications, we can create almost anything your mind can imagine. Our experience and streamlined methods enable us to create fantastic Flash applications with custom back-end programming to integrate with a database, keep track of information, or almost anything you can imagine!

Mobile app development:
Our experts specialize in building unique value proposition in the mobile application development, ensuring the success of your app in the mobile app marketplace. We have a range of services and technology modules for end-to-end offering.

Custom html5 developer solutions:
Every business will have unique requirements. We know that a website with a well conceived graphic design, clear navigation and rich content can play a key role in helping you to land new customers and help your internal teams to achieve their goals

SEO optimization:
Each business or industry is unique; each requires specialized strategies and mixes of these services. Our experienced team of professionals are ready to create customized integrated marketing solutions to accomplish your Internet objectives with Search Engine Optimization. Internet marketing is not a one size fit for all. To get the results you desire, you need more than a pre-defined suite of strategies and tactics. And this is what we does… to provide each company with their unique SEO optimization.


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