Mp3 player in Flash.

A fully flash cs3 mp3 player which plays songs from an external xml file, which can be edited and customised. The xml file is loaded to flash cs3 from where flash receives the required data. Mp3 songs to be played are stored in the same directory which will be called when flash starts. Functionalities include playing previous song ,  next song,  pause a song , stop a song as per the user wish. You can add any song by editing the xml file.  The song being played, the name of the singer and the Album will be displayed on the Mp3 screen. The total time of the song and current status can also be viewed on the screen.


6 Responses to Mp3 player in Flash.

  1. Amit Suri says:

    I want to create a simple mp3 player.I am not used to with flash cs3. how can i connect a sound in cs3.

  2. BlueBerrySoft Freelance Flex Flash says:

    You have to request the song to be played
    var songp:URLRequest = new URLRequest(“song.mp3”);
    you have to create a new Sound object, and load and play an external MP3 file into that object,
    var music:Sound = new Sound(songp);

    The sound Channel controls the sound in the application
    var soundChannel:SoundChannel;

    channel =; // Start playing
    channel.stop();//Stop playing
    pos is a variable which indicates the point from where to play in case of pause of stop
    In case of pause you have to assign
    pos = channel.position;
    else pos will always be kept 0

  3. Amit Suri says:

    Thanks it worked

  4. Richard says:

    I’m not able to stop sound from an external swf, please help

  5. BlueBerrySoft Freelance Flex Flash says:

    try this:
    SoundMixer.stopAll ();

  6. Richard says:

    thanks , it worked like a charm

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